12.30.17 @ Caliwaukee w/ Junon Boys, Rahim Salaam, SuperKnova, Grumble

10.21.17 @ The VCR w/ Jouska, Mormon Toasterhead, Mover Shaker

04.30.17 @ Quencher's w/ Soft Ledges, Sparkletears, The Crippled Masters
11.17.16 @ Quencher's w/ Impulsive Hearts, Beauty School, Roarmen
10.05.16 @ Township w/ The Lulls, The Glass Eyes
06.16.16 @ The Burlington w/ Engine Summer, Faux Furrs, Maddy Marsan
02.25.16 @ Quencher's w/ New Color, We Are Temporary, Axons
01.14.16 @ The Whistler w/ Victor (Matthew Kerstein of Brighton MA/Scotland Yard Gospel Choir)
12.18.15 @ Quencher's w/ Pantomime, Bonesetters, The Black Tape

08.2.15 @ The Burlington w/ 10,000 Light Years, Control